Sum of select item of excel

Hello I have a problem.
I have two columns in excel one is called value and the other concept, I filter concept and I need to add the related data in the value column that corresponds to this concept, how can I do so that only I add the value corresponding to this concept?


  • Read your workbook with ReadRange activity and obtain a DataTable (dt below)
  • Apply a Select to the DataTable and chain a Sum to it. Below, searched concept is "A".

I also assume that you’re adding Integers. Adapt the type conversion and types to suit your needs


dt As DataTable
concept As String
filter As String
conceptSum As Int32


concept = "A"
filter = String.Format("concept='{0}'", concept)
conceptSum = dt.Select(filter).Sum(Function(row) CInt(row("value")))

One-liner version

dt.Select("concept='A'").Sum(Function(row) CInt(row("value")))


It’s great thanks

This worked for me correctly

How can I multiply that same data by -1?


I probably don’t get your question right. All the expressions below are equal.

(-1 * A) + (-1 * B) + (-1 * C)
(-A) + (-B) + (-C)
-(A + B + C)
(-1) * (A + B + C)

I must multiply these same values ​​before adding them by -1

Well, this is just like multiplying the sum by -1.

dt.Select("concept='A'").Sum(Function(row) CInt(row("value"))) * -1


dt.Select("concept='A'").Sum(Function(row) CInt(row("value")) * -1)

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It does not work, since I must multiply each concept by -1 before doing the sum, so this function what it does is that the sum of the full value is multiplied by -1

Can you please show me an example?

I need to do basically the same thing as the addition function but multiplying by -1

It’s Ok

How can I limit the added value to remain as a single value in the variable since when I use the variable the number of times that the concept traversed in the datatable is repeated to me?

Hello @Beatriz_Eugenia_Duqu

A GROUPBY with aggregation? A similar question was asked a week ago.

Your help was very valuable, I already managed to do the process

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