Sum of Rows

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how I can sum each row if one of the cell is empty ?


@Dev2, Hi please give more details, its hard to help someone without knowing exactly what their problem is. Provide as much information as possible, include screenshots and a scenario example if possible.

anyway, if you use read range activity to read data from excel then you can use a for each row to go through each row of the DataTable, you can then use an if to check if per each row if a cell under a certain column is not empty, eg:

Not String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(row("ColumnName").ToString.Trim)
this is checking if a cell has data using the column name as a reference and the trim is just trimming the string removing any spaces in the beginning and end of a string.

Hope this gives you an idea on how you can solve your problem.


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Hi @SenzoD sorry for that .

i have table like this


I need to add 0 for each empty cell not in one Colman


check this out:

Thank you

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@SenzoD The number in this cell is formatted as text or preceded by an apostrophe .

how i can convert this to number ?



Cint(NumberStr) this converts number string into integer or better yet use an assign activity:

IntegerVar = Cint(System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(InputText,[0-9]).Value)

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@SenzoD Thank you

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