Sum of list values

How can I return sum of List values that contains doubles?

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Hi @oliveria,

If the List is of type Double, then this ought to do the trick →



If that doesn’t do the trick, then please provide us with some sample data so that we can test it out from out end.

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Ashwin A.K

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic

Try this expression

(From d in dtData.AsEnumerable Where Not (isNothing(d(ColumnNameorIndex)) OrElse String.IsNullorEmpty(d(ColumnNameorIndex).toString.Trim)) Select v = CDbl(d(ColumnNameorIndex).toString.Trim)).Sum(Function (x) x)



Let’s take a simple expression

Doub_output = ListVariable.Sum(function(x) Convert.ToDouble(x) )

Cheers @Olivera_Kalinic

It works :slight_smile:

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Glad it got resolved

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