Sum of column based ondate column

Hi Team,

I need to add the column based on Date column,for similar dates values should remains same.
SO in below for same date i need to add column B values

19-11-2020 2,000.00
18-11-2020 1,000.00
19-11-2020 3,000
17-11-2020 4,000.00
19-11-2020 1,000.00
19-11-2020 6,000
18-11-2020 1,000
17-11-2020 4,000.00

can someone help me on the above

@Karthik_Kulkarni - Here is your Linq Query

(From d In dtInput.AsEnumerable
Group d By A=d(0).ToString.Trim Into Group
Select dtInput.Rows.Add({A, Group.Sum(Function (x) CInt(x(1).toString.Trim))})).CopyToDataTable


  1. Read Range your Input excel (sheet1) → Call as DtInput
  2. Clone DtInput to DtOutput in the Assign Activity → DtInput.Clone
  3. Assign Dtoutput = Use the LINQ Query above
  4. Write Range dtouput to Sheet2.


For Reference : Linq query for groupby and sum - #3 by GBK

Yeah your solution is working ,but one more doubt, ihave my column values in double so how to take LINQ,below is correct?

(From d In dt5.AsEnumerable
Group d By Date1=d(2).ToString.Trim Into Group
Select dt5.Rows.Add({Date1, Group.Sum(Function (x) Cdb(x(12).toString.Trim))})).CopyToDataTable

I think, it would still work…Did you get any error?

Assign: Conversion from string “” to type ‘Integer’ is not valid.

Above error am getting if am giving cdb instead of cint

it should be Cdbl…