Sum CSV, column error, I add .xaml

Hi I have a problem calculating the sum of a CSV.
1.- I previously downloaded a .CSV
2.- I read the CSV and store
3.- I go through it and finally I want to write the sum of the ‘Importe’(amount) column.

The problem is that it tells me that “The ‘Importe’(amount) column does not belong to the DataTable table”.

I upload the examples, to see if someone tells me that I am doing wrong.

By the way I only want the result of the sum of the amount, any simpler idea than this?
SUM_CSV.xaml (7,7 KB)
Procesando: Facturas.csv… (322 Bytes)

Hi @Aguirre

Please refer below website,

Use sum instead of max or average.


hello really my problem is knowing why it fails, since I think my process would be fine for what I need, any idea that I am doing wrong with the Importe(amount).


Please check the following,

  1. is it fail in the first loop itself,or in the middle of the loop in for each row using Debug (run step into mode to identify where the error occurs).

  2. Is the column importe present in the datatable.(use output datatable,convert it into a string and put it a log message or message box to check)

  3. Are you using read CSV activity or read range activity for reading the data in CSV

As the error suggests it failed because the column importe is not in the datatable, try convert the data to excel instead of CSV and put read range and check.


Hello and sorry for the delay, I have the problem with the CSV that I export, I have put a new post, since I cannot work on it if I do not convert it because of the format it has. Thanks.

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@Aguirre yes sure, please close this thread once your issue is solved.

I am also try to solve by using this CSV file itself.


Finally I have managed to solve everything through the Balareva package, using CSV to excel and sum. Thanks for the help and thanks to @balupad14


Glad that your issue is resolved, please mark the solution and close the thread so it may be useful to others in the future.


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