Sum column in excel

I want to sum column amount, tax in excel.
But number in file as text.


Please guide me about it.

Hi @fairymemay

U can the linq query to obtain the sum

First read the excel file and store in dt1

For getting sum of amount

dt1.AsEnumerable().Sum(Function (row) Cint(row(“amount”)).ToString

Similarly u can do this for other columns too


lets use CDbl instead to keep the fractions
dt1.AsEnumerable().Sum(Function (row) CDbl(row(“amount”).toString.Trim)).ToString


It errors.

check for empty values in the datatable as empty values cannot be converted with CDbl
ideally there should no empty values (maybe overhead of to many blank rows)
so it is suggested to get control on the not needed rows

A work around could be:
dt1.AsEnumerable().Sum(Function (row) CDbl(“0” & row(“amount”).toString.Trim)).ToString

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