Sum Column in DataTable based on Regions

I have an excel from where I have to

  1. Calculates the total sales for each region(central, east, west)
  2. Displays, in a message box, the region with the most sales and the region with the least sales, with the corresponding sales amounts

Hi @Dimple_Mandal

Share the sample excel file.

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Check the xaml attached

Sales Count.xaml (8.5 KB)

Total sales Calculation is not coming correct and no msg box is getting displayed with most and least sales.

Hi @Dimple_Mandal ,

You can check below video to do group by on region get the result.

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Hi @Dimple_Mandal

For find the total sales please try this,

Create a datatable using build datatable with two columns region and total,

The Outdttable will contains the regions total sales ,write this excel and test it.

Outdttable = (From row in dtTable.asenumerable
Group row by k = row("Region").tostring into grp = group
Let sum = grp.sum(function(x) Cdbl(x("Total").tostring))
Let ra = new object() {grp(0)("Region"),sum}
select Outdttable.rows.add(ra)).copytodatatable

Now for find the max and min values put this in message box,

For max value ,"[Total] = '" + 
Outdttable.asenumerable.max(function(row) cdbl(row("Total"))).tostring + "'")(0)("Region").tostring

For min value ,"[Total] = '" + 
Outdttable.asenumerable.min(function(row) cdbl(row("Total"))).tostring + "'")(0)("Region").tostring

Didn’t test this please test and let me know if anything required.



Thankyou,i will try and will surely let you know


Check the updated xaml file

Sales Count.xaml (9.0 KB)

@Dimple_Mandal Attached the workflow tested it please use this,

Main.xaml (11.4 KB)



@prasath_S: Yes, This one worked like wonder.Thank you so much

Happy to hear @Dimple_Mandal Please mark it is solution and close the thread, so it will helpful to others when they search the same query…


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