Sum col4 data of excel according to the col2 names and write in col5

IN ss there is Country names and price ,so use case is we have to write the sum of price according to country names and write in col 5 where marked green,
Similarly for another country total count upto france and write the total in col5 .

Please suggest me how can i resolve it.

Hi @ankur_kaushik2

The following thread might be help for you


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Hi @ankur_kaushik2
1.Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity
2.Read the Excel file
3.For Each Row activity to loop through each row in the Excel file.
Create a variable called “total” and initialize it to 0 before the loop.
Use the following expression inside the “Assign” activity: total = total +
This will add the price value of each row to the total.
4.use another “For Each Row” activity to loop through the data table again.
use an “Assign” activity to write the total sum for each country in the fifth column of the
corresponding row. You can use the “Write Cell” activity
5.Use “Write Range” activity

Hope it helps!!

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