Sum 3 Column in the left in Excel

Hello All,

Currently i’m developing RPA to generate report monthly and need to add additional column each 3 month (Quarterly).

For Example expected.

But there is some case if manually using excel formula to achieve this case.

  1. the column is generic append to the right of empty column (ex : Jan=D2, Feb=E2, Mar F2)
  2. The first column start with 3rd mont (March)

is there any idea to solve this issue?


you mean you want jan/feb column to be appended before Mar column? is this the issue?

Dear @jack.chan ,

sorry if i mistaken to inform,
no need to appended col jan/feb before mar.

i need to sum 3 column in the left but with additional validation, check if the 3 column left is column of month, not col Name.
if 3 column in the left only find 2 month (feb&mar), i need only sum 2 col left (feb&mar)


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uipathF.xaml (20.4 KB)

@aliaga use my sequence
result 2 ( multiple columns example)

result 3 ( 1 column example)

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