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I am running an automation script that works perfectly and captures the screen shots I need. I am then adding the pictures at the end of an existing word document with no problem. The issue I am running into is as I add the next picture it does not start the picture on a new line. What is the best way to handle this, basically I want the picture under each other like a return was pressed after the picture was inserted. I am using the word add picture activity for this.

Hi @vtonelli,

Are you using a For each activity for adding the pictures?
You could try a “Type into” or “Send Hotkey/Keyboard shortcuts” activity with enter/return after adding each picture.

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Robert, Thank you for the reply. I was able to use the keyboard shortcut. I am not using a for each activity as the screenshots I am using are from multiple scripts, I am using it to create a very specific report from multiple automation scripts. Your suggestion really helped me and I should be able to fully automate the report now.

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Hi @vtonelli,

Great to hear! I believe your problem is solved then.

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