Suggestions for UiPath Platforms

UiPath platforms are continually updating and improving specially now that there really is a lot going on :star_struck:

Lately, many people from UiPath are interviewing me and asking me for suggestions to further improve the platforms.

They need us :slight_smile:

If you have any suggestions on UiPath Go!, UiPath Connect!, or any of the platforms, please leave a comment here.

@Lahiru.Fernando, @lakshman, @sandeep13, @HareeshMR, @pattyricarte. Maybe you can help me guys here :slight_smile:

@Luu_Le, @RazvanC, @Andreea_Stroe, you can follow this post for other users’ suggestions/comments. Thanks!


Hey Guys…

A nice topic… They contacted me as well asking for feedback to improve their platforms. I gave some of the feedback, but surely list them down here as well so everyone can see the ideas that we share to improve… This will also help as they also can put in their good brains to fine tune the ideas we present here… :smiley:

Great initiative bro @Jan_Brian_Despi


Thanks for your usual support, @Lahiru.Fernando!
Hope to collaborate with you in the future.


Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi.

I think that UiPath Connect! needs tools that caters collaboration like having a repository for Connect! projects so that the collaborators can view or update the files (depending on restrictions).

In UiPath Academy, I suggest that there is a section for RPA Challenges.


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando. I know that I can count on you. Haha.


Awesome @Jan_Brian_Despi

For Uipath Connect, I hope that we can post updates. Like we have a sort of timeline just like in Facebook and the followers will be notified. So that there really is connection. Haha.

In Academy, I suggest that they update the documentation or the PDD of the assignments because it is sometimes misleading or wrong.

That’s all for me.


This is awsome thoughts @Jan_Brian_Despi i am agree hope seeing better functions in the platform.

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


Thanks for mention here @Jan_Brian_Despi Bro
For UiPath Connect and UiPath Go, I hope there should be Messaging service like Facebook or LinkedIn against Project or Custom Component or User where we discuss about Project or component with There Producer .This Could be very helpful for Producer as well as Consumer to provide support and giving feedback.
Because of this people more engaged with these platforms like UiPath Forum and spend more time on UiPath connect or Uipath Go.
I will be post more idea on this post whenever comes in my mind :slightly_smiling_face:

What you think @Jan_Brian_Despi @Lahiru.Fernando @Andreea_Stroe @RazvanC



This is more or less the same feedback I gave @RazvanC at the time he requested feedback.

Connect Platform

I think the Project space of the Connect platform should look something similar to GO!

I know, these projects could be projects that are done for different companies by people working for their company. However, I know that there are individuals who develop different projects and who are willing to share the project with others. This platform could be a great place to share those. If anyone doesn’t want to publicly share, if there is an option to request and then check whether he/ she willing to share it would be a great feature to have. Additionally, for the people who are willing to share, if the Connect platform can have a project upload screen (Similar to Go!) that’s another great advantage. This will also help maintain new version of the projects that they do as well…

Also, as a nice to have feature, I would like to have the project status change without approval.

Go! platform

I did have the same idea mentioned by @sandeep13 :smiley:


For the blog, I think there should be a place to comment on those, Similar to Linkedin or the forum. There are great topics shared there and I believe it should be great if people could have a space to react on those, and also to share their thoughts about it…


yeah, your idea about Connect Platform is really good

specially ,upload new version of the project as we do in UiPath Go



On behalf of @Electric_Sheep

This is his great idea to improve the Forum…


Hi All,

This topic is great.
Thank you all for the suggestions.

The Academy, Go and Connect teams are watching closely this topic.


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In Academy, it is very helpful for UiPath team that there is a Report button per page so that if there are any misinformation or lack of information (which happens), the user can easily forward the concern to the team.


I would like to add one more feature, and this is for the Forum.

We see lot of lengthy posts, and most of the time the links take us to the very last post/ comment of the topic. If we are to go up, we need to scroll all the way to the top and same to the down. So it would be nice to have a button do directly go up and down…

I don’t know how important this feature is compared to the other requirements, but just thought of mentioning it here so that you guys can take it up at least when you have a free time :rofl::rofl:


Glad you threw this up on the forum Jan! Cheers


Hey @novakatrina.gomez22!

If you’re interested at all, myself and my colleague are the members responsible for running user interviews and we would love to talk about your experiences on Go, and Connect. If you have time and, let us know if you can chat →

Do let your colleagues know as well!


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Hey all! (@Milbert_Dacudao @pattyricarte @Lahiru.Fernando @RazvanC) !

Just caught wind of this thread, big shout out to the homie @Jan_Brian_Despi for starting it up!

So myself and my colleague @emegahertz are running user interviews on Go and Connect and would love to hear more about your experiences!

Let us know if youd like to chat →

Feel free to tag and drag in any other colleagues you think would be interested. This is the time to influence change ladies and gentlemen!


Sonam & Erica @ UiPath :slight_smile:


Hi @Sonam.Wang :slight_smile:
Good day!

I believe we already talked before via Zoom before already :slight_smile:




good to see you on forum :love_you_gesture:


@Sonam.Wang sure
I will share this link to Our UIPath WhatsApp group