Suggestions for Project to take up UiPath

Hi guys.
I’m taking my masters within the field of Autonomous Systems and in January I am to do a special course for 5 ECTS points, equivalent to 125-150 hours and want to use the time to learn UiPath.

In order for the Head of Studies to approve it, I would need to list some learning objectives.

As I am a complete rookie with the software, I would of course spend a portion of the available time to familiarize with the software, but I would imagine that the Head of Studies also would want me to do a project, i.e. show the capability of my learnings.

  • What are your initial thought on this?

  • Can you suggest any projects that may be in the range of ~80 hours?

Hope you can help me with some clarity…

issue got solve!!

I am a newbie to RPA and UI path. I would like to know what mini projects I can do to learn the UI path and automation. shareit app vidmate apk