[Suggestion] Workflow Arguments - Colour-coding the directions (IN, OUT, IN/OUT)

I am extremely thankful to the UiPath expert who came up with the naming convention to add prefix in, out and io for argument directions. That has saved me hours of debugging time, if not weeks.

On a related note, I have also had the misfortune of taking the convention for granted if I am not careful.

  • An argument named in_Argument1 could have the direction Out and one would have no clue why a value isn’t getting passed in correctly.
  • Similarly, out_Argument5 could be an In type and not return the expected value.

If we could somehow introduce a coloured Arguments pane, where each direction is highlighted with a different colour as an established standard, then it will be obvious and easy to distinguish.
This should reduce the rate of manual error (of mistakenly assigning the wrong direction despite using the right convention).

Thank you @RPAForEveryone

I’ll save your idea in our internal tracker to let our team know how to improve in that aspect :slight_smile:

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Thanks @loginerror !

Marking this post as resolved so it may auto-close.

Actually, a question about that. As part of our feedback process, we do push interesting ideas to the internal tracker, but it always stays linked to the original Forum topic (it’s an automation we’ve built, surprise surprise :smiley:).

Now, when the Product Manager considers that insight and still lacks some context, they are free to navigate to the Forum to have a look at the discussion and potentially ask follow up questions.

As such, we always struggled with that idea of auto-closing topics that are kind of open-ended and can only really get “solved” by us implementing the feature or taking a hard stance and saying that specific idea will never reach the product because it goes against our design philosophy (which we try not to do because that philosophy can also change with time).

I would be curious to hear your thoughts about it :slight_smile:


Well, first of all, I’ve unmarked the ‘Solution’ flag, so the auto-close doesn’t occur - unless you had already taken care of it with admin superpowers :sunglasses:

I think that’s a great way to ensure that the potential product enhancement gets its best possible form - not just because the original poster can comment and elaborate on the idea, but also an ongoing contribution from the wider UiPath community can help flourish it.

I hope the forum regulars have a say in this idea to help it develop further.


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