Suggestion...which to learn next

Looking for suggestions… I have completed the foundation, Orchestator and Sap training, and I am getting a good handle on how UI Path works and how to use it… My question is what to do next, start the advanced course, or try the RPA challenges…i have looked at a few of them and they seem challenging, could I complete them with what I have learned, or do the advanced course before I take these challenges.


Try to complete advance level also…it will help for you and you will get hands-on experience as well.

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So you suggest to do the advanced course course, then try the RPA challenges…

Suggest you do the Advance levels as it will helps you get a good hands on the process of automating a business flow.
Also you will get to know more how to use what you have learnt in the Foundation and Orchestrator training as well as get introduced to the robust Robotic Enterprise Framework.

There is a lot more to learn in the advance training post which challenges etc will be easier for you to implement.

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