Suggestion: Option Add Dependency

Hello UiPath Team,

here my suggestion:

To add, in the Manage Package dialog, an option called Add Dependency. With this option the user can decide if the added package adds also an entry in the project dependencies. The default option is enabled, so that one entry is always taken. If the user deactivates this option, an installation is performed in the .nuget directory, but no entry is made in the project dependencies.

What can this option be good for?
This will allow software developers, who build tools to support the UiPath Studio, to distribute their tools as a NuGet package and use the Studio’s standard approach to install them. In the example above you see a package which contains the current release of Notepad++ with the CS-Script plugin. This package offers the possibility to simplify the development of code sequences for the Invoke Code activity. But this package is not necessary in the project dependencies. Thus it is installed in the context of the Studio, it is usable in the context of the Studio and has no effect to the currently open project.

As can be seen in this example, individual packages can be build to focus specific perspectives of RPA development, in combination with the development environment in which they are used.

Thanks for your effort.

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Hi @StefanSchnell,
I added your idea to our internal tracker. Thank you for sharing this with us and for a nice description and use case :slight_smile:

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@StefanSchnell If I understand your request properly you want an extensions manager functionality built-in Studio so one can add 3rd party tools into Studio.

If this is right, we already have it on our radar but it is not planned yet.

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Hello Alexandru,
thanks for the update, hope that it will soon come to a realization.
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