Suggested file type when opening a file


Whenever I’m about to open a file (xaml) in Studio it suggests I to open a .json file instead of a .xaml file…
How do I change this?
If I manually change to .xaml and open the file and then would like to open another one, it suggest the .json file again…
Do you have the same problem?



When you click on open in the studio header, and navigate to the files directory, you will be able to see only project.json file :slight_smile:

If you change the drop down on the right to workflow files, you will see the workflows you have :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer, but that is not the problem… :slight_smile:

The problem is that each time I would like to open a file I need to do the same procedure each time - very time-consuming… It should remember my last selected file type or extension and not suggest the wrong one again next time.
So I think of a setup/config which could be updated to change the default file type.


You can open the project.json file directly right? Is there any issue opening the json file?

I hope I understood your problem . Correct me if I’m wrong.

The Problem is you have set as Default App as Uipath Studio in your System

If your are using Above windows 8 .follow below procedures.

right click-> Open With->Choose Other app ->Select Uipath Studio-> bottom corner you will find
Alway use this app to open .xaml files

If your are using Windows 7 then
right click-> Open With->Choose Other app ->Select Uipath Studio->
Click Choose Default App

Thanks for the answer.

I’m sorry but that is not the problem.
Even if I already got this setup it will, when I choose to open a file from the Studio (ctrl+O) it will constantly suggest to open a .json-file.
I could manually, for each time, change the file type to .xaml, but I need to do it each time I would like to open a file. That is the problem. It does not remember the file type I wanted the last time I choose to open a file.

I’m sorry if my explanation isn’t the greatest one… but I can not describe it in another way. Hope you understand.