Suggest Rewording "Else If" Condition Argument Tooltip

When using an Else If activity (UiPath.System.Activities), the Condition argument has a description tooltip of “The Body executes as long as this condition is True”. This description is identical to the tooltip displayed on a While loop activity’s Condition argument.

The phrase “as long as” used for both activities’ tooltips can imply continuous evaluation. This phrasing makes sense for the While loop activity, but the phrasing may be misleading for the Else If activity.

I recommend a change to the tooltip for the Else If Condition argument, perhaps something as simple as “The Body executes if this condition is True”.

Hey @Logan.J

Thank you for your feedback. I will take it into account during our review of all tooltips and property names in the coming future. This activity is only one of the places where things could be improved :sweat_smile:

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