Suggest new forum for Infrastructure

I think we should have additional section for infrastructure related. I am working on setting up new environment and struggling into setting it up. e.g. Provisioning bunch of robots, selection of architecture, etc.

Especially cloning of Guest OS is not an option also provisioning of multiple OS is very contrast to Virtualized environment.

@ovi please check this out.

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I believe infrastructure questions would generally fall under this category:

But we will see what we can improve :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that but its content and professional level was not up to the level to answer… maybe because of the user in this forum.

Now having problem on how to identify SQL Server license for CAL Base for Orchestrator. How many CALs to be acquired? only 1 for orchestrator? or need to count all the robot e.g. 10 robot 11 CALs etc.

If you consider that a “Robot” itself is technically a Windows user, each of them would consume an user CAL.

On the top of that, You will need to consider the users accessing the Orchestrator front-end as well.

There is the eventuality you could consider your infrastructure as a Device CAL model (I would contact with confirm that with Microsoft, showing them your infra diagrams) but that would be only interesting if you have only few bots and one or two persons maintaining/developing on them.

using any CAL model would prevent you to scale (scaling is usually what you your are looking for using when UiPath), that’s why the vast majority of clients use a per core model.


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Thank you for your reply those are already in my mind. However, it stuck to the point of getting back from MSoft still. :wink:
A further idea is going Azure SQL which is even better than on-premise one.
Anyway, thank you for your add up. :star_struck: