Suddenly I encountered a reported error, can you help me?


The error is as shown in the picture. It has always been fine, but today it suddenly reported an error.

Hey @Uddynitjh

There is a chance of checkbox design would have changed on the UI.

Could you please re-indicate the element and try once ?


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Hi @Uddynitjh

Can you please help to execute in “Debug Mode” and let us know which activity is causing the issue.


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some times check activity wont work proper so i guess your scenario please use click by getting attribute

step 1 get attribute
step 2 if check unchecked - then click
step 3 else leave it blank

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Thanks, I found the reason, it was because the studio web plugin was added to the browser at the same time.

Cool @Uddynitjh :slight_smile: :+1:

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