Sudden impact on AHT (Facing slowness compared to earlier execution)

Hello All,

Developed the Bot which has following feature.

  1. Read Excel records(3k+)
  2. Filer records
  3. Validate Records
  4. Send mails to validated records

Till last week bot was able to complete the execution for 500 mails in 13 mins.

Now same bot is taking 45 mins to complete the execution for 500 mails.

We have raised the request to UiPath support as well. But i would like to know if anyone has faced this scenario

Bot type: Unattended and Background process


Is the excel file cumulative?
please check the number of rows by robot on the run using (Dt.RowCount) to get real rows numbers


We have tried same excel file with same number of records. But the difference in execution time is huge.