Successfully run in studio but error in running in uipath assistant

Need help regarding rpa running. My rpa wil run successfully in studio but encountered error when running in UiPath assistant.


May I know what is the error
Is it falling under any of these common issue

Cheers @Henson_Ibon

this is the error i encountered when running through UiPath assistant but when i run the same rpa in the UiPath studio i encountered no error at all.


Did you lock your screen while it was running?

the screen did not lock

Are you running it on the same computer?

running on the same computer

Hi @Henson_Ibon

Try giving some delay before the activity which causes the error.
If you are using classic activities, try wrapping every Ui Element related activities in attach browser.

In UiPath studio the rpa is successfully executed. but when I use the UiPath assistant it will have an error encountered.