Successful run program gives Error (specially Web recording) after 3-4 Days or after system change

I was developed a small project of use case
Step1: Read excel data
Step2: fill that data into my company web portal (To fill out the form fields i used “Type into” activity )
Step3: Submit form and get New generated ticket using “Screen Scraping”
Step4: insert Ticket into excel
The above steps are working fine but after 3-4 days when i try to run then it shows error in Step1&2 like (Controls did not found, It was not found, Try to simulate a click on control prior to selecting an item…etc.) or after transfer the .xaml file & .screenshots folder to my colleague it did no run
so I don’t understand why this happening, Please Address issue

project use case is on company web portal so i did not have the authority to share code