Have uploaded the data in queue which contains only First name and last name
Now with Name Priyanka I need to set as successful and remaining all failed how can this is be done


If transactionItem.SpecificContent(“Name”).ToString().Equals(“Priyanka”)
- Set Transaction Status (Status: Successful)
- Set Transaction Status (Status: Failed)

Hi @Taruna_Gupta

Use an if activity and give the condition as in_Transactionitem.specificcontent("First name").toupper.tostring.equals("PRIYANKA")

in Then sequence do the necessary actiions and in the else sequence use the throw activity so that other than queue contains priyanka remaining all the queues gets failed.

Hope it works!!

Hi @Taruna_Gupta
Can you share a screenshot of queue, a queue item with New Status.
Looks like while getting transaction item its not returning anything and is empty.



In set transaction item Why you put Get item .In set transaction item we only set status as “Success” Or “Fail”


After Get transaction item in message box give
check the queue item returns the name or not

Instead of Equals give contains

@Taruna_Gupta , can you also send a screenshot of flow while debugging the workflow, put a breakpoint on if condition and check value of GetItem in Immediate Panel.

It is returning the names


Use trim function or contains instead of Equal