Subtring Cell Value and add this value in new csv column

Hello , I need to extract Date from the first row in my csv file and add this value in new column !

For exemple in my first row of my csv file I have this text :
The range of Date =[23/04/2023-30/04/2023]

I need to substring this Row to have only 30/04/2023 and put it in the same sheet as a new column named End Date !

Can anyone help me in this topic !

Your support is appreciated !

Hi @chiheb.zakkar ,

Could you maybe try with the below Expression using an Assign activity :

DT1.Columns("End Date").Expression = "SUBSTRING([Column2],13,10)"

Here, DT1 is your Input Datatable to update with new Column.


Implementation :

The above is also assuming that you would have the value in the format mentioned always in the Date Range column.

@chiheb.zakkar ,

For workflow Reference, you could Check the below : (2.8 KB)

If it doesn’t work the way as Expected, Let us know some more details of the Error faced and if possible provide the Data that give out the error, so we could suggest an alternate approach if the approach suggested doesn’t really fit your scenario.

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