Subtracting in Excel using StudioX

@JohnnyTAK Try the below expression in what to write field within Write Range activity and it did work for me. Please find attached workflow (72.1 KB)

CurrentRow.ByField("sum(PO Spend)")-CurrentRow.ByField("sum(Amount Invoiced)")





@ushu, i seem to can’t open the file. It’s likely due to restriction of my company computer policy. Please see screenshot of what was applied from your suggestion.

Am i doing this correctly? Thank you,

@JohnnyTAK It looks like you are using Write Range Activity. Its should be Write cell since you are using for each row in excel

Thanks for the prompt response. This is now the error received. Sorry for the many iterations.

@JohnnyTAK Can you try this

Cdbl(CurrentRow.ByField("sum(PO Spend)"))-Cdbl(CurrentRow.ByField("sum(Amount Invoiced)"))
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@ushu, i believe this worked! If i have concerns, I’ll definitely reach back out. Much appreciated!

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