Subtract Days from the current system date dynamically

Hi all,
I am trying to schedule the bot and download the excel sheet from the app by selecting the dates. Now I have to check the excel sheet date (Excel sheet name: EmployeeInOutDuration 01Nov2019) on which day it has been downloaded lastly and want to download the excel sheets of 5 days 02Nov2019 to 06Nov2019, how can I set the date dynamically on 07Nov2019?
Please help me out!

Let’s take like the string is
str_input = “07Nov2019”
Then to get it’s two days before value
str_output = DateTime.ParseExact(str_input,”ddMMMyyyy”,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).AddDays(-2).ToString(“ddMMMyyyy”)

Like wise for three just replace the value in AddDays(-3) in the above expression
So by that way we can do that or even we can assign a variable from numerical value
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Sharmila

Thanks for your reply @Palaniyappan
Here i want to chance the date.By using Left arrow.


You can directly pass the variable into the selector whatever the output you got after subtract.

First check the selectors, later you can pass the variable into selector as per the required.

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