hi How can i get “150” out of this text (yearly plan 150y flexi)

Use Regex to get only number

Use Assign strPlan = strInput.substring(strInput.indexof(“yearly plan”)+12),3)

error shown

@goharmalik clarify onething you needs to do substring only for this string or you needs to take only number from the string?

Hi @goharmalik,

you gave extra bracket in the query can you remove and check it.

strInput.substring(strInput.indexof("yearly plan")+12,3)

I will suggest using regex
here is a workflow that does that

Main.xaml (5.8 KB)

enjoy :wink:

Hey @goharmalik

you can use Regex here too - Simply "\d+"

Reference - Sample.xaml (5.8 KB)


hi i need to substring only this string. to get 150 out of this whole text

Than you can use this it works

Thanks all every ones solution was perfect

HI i am stuck in this situation sometime instead of 150 it is 1000 so i have to write 4 instead of 3 is there any way to tacke it and when i write 4 it takes value 150y when the value is 150y.i want values to b 150 and 1000 only .Kindly help me out

(yearly plan 150y flexi) i want to get 150 and repalce y with empty space or with 0.

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