Substring within a datatable?

Hello Everyone!

Not sure if my workflow is possible or not, but here it is.
I extracted structured data from a website, and the structured data looks something like:
abc… (reference CBA-A-2018-123456)
So I would later need the “ID” part of this structured date which is the CBA-A-2018-123456. I know that with the use of substring I could get the required part of the text. The problem is that there’s about a 100+ rows of the data within the ExtractDataTable and I can’t figure out a way to get the required part of each row.
Also I don’t think that they are stored as String within the datatable.

Thank you for your help in advance!

It is not clear what exactly the problem.

My assumption is only id per row, then it should be easy.
You loop through the datatable using for reach loop and look for the id using string functions.

Later on in the workflow I would need to use these ID’s which are not the whole “abc… (reference CBA-A-2018-123456)” just the “CBA-A-2018-123456” part. I will need to type this ID into a textbox, which will result in a document. Then I will need to search for a given string within that document, but that part is not the concern.
So in order to be able to perform this task, I thought it would be more beneficial to store the ID’s as they should be “CBA-A-2018-123456” instead of the whole “abc… (reference CBA-A-2018-123456)” text.
So this is where I need the help, can I somehow trim the text within the datatable, or how exactly should I do this?

you can parse the datatable once to replace the string with just id, foll is the logic

for each row in DT
dataTable.row(x).item = findTheId (dataTable.row(x).item.toString)

inside the for loop write the code to extract the id and update the datatable