Substring in CSV

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I want to extract some part of data’s from csv, csv file contains more than 200 rows from that I want to extract data between 50th row to 54th row based on keyword, because my data is not constant on 50th row it’s dynamic may be 50th or 51st or 52nd like that… so based on keywords I want to extract 5 to 6 rows from csv file.

Can you please guide me on this.

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for each row in datatable
if row.item(x).toString = “keyword” //x is the column number
//extract the data


My keyword only static… my column number is dynamic one, may be that keyword in any of the column…

if you have static column name you dont need to have column number

You can use

Assign"[Column1] like ‘’%keyword%")

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Thank you for your reply… @Vivek_Arunagiri @Divyashreem @skini76

I would like to extract data’s from Row 270 to Row 400 to another sheet in csv, let me know how to achieve the same…

Thank you.

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Please go through the tutorials once, you will get answer to most of the queries

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I assume you get this as a result of something.
Store this as a datatable variabele and then use write range and witte the datatable in the new excel sheet. You define the sheet in the write range activity.

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@yannip Thank you…

and thank you all… got it…

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