Substring - 2 variables out of 1 text


I’ve been looking through articles that are tagged with split/substring, but I can’t seem to find my way to a good work-around. So any help appreciated.

I am trying to get information out of a pdf into a variable. So when I extract the information I get for example: N°: 3 Boîte: 0702. Because of the lay-out of the PDF, i can only retrieve it like this.
The issue here is, that I only need the 3 and the 0702, but in different variables.

Does anyone have experience with such an issue?

Kind Regards

@KDJ Here you can have the result as you expected Main.xaml (6.9 KB)


Dear @indra

Thanks a lot for the presented workflow. It works splendidly.
Have a great day.


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