Substract Timespans and get the minutes part from the result

I have 2 timing
for example

time1 : 10:31
time 2 : 14:04

I want difference of these 2 timing but only in minutes

for example the difference is 2 timing is 3 hrs and 30 min … so i want only the 30 minute part … how do i get that from ui path?

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[14:04:00] - we parse string to timespan
(CDate(“14:04”).TimeOfDay- Cdate(“10:31”).TimeOfDay)
[03:33:00] - subtraction
(CDate(“14:04”).TimeOfDay- Cdate(“10:31”).TimeOfDay).Minutes
33 - getting only the minutes part

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Here you go with the exact same scenario been already discussed

Hope this would help you

Cheers @poojaskyrathore