Substitute for Click Acitivity


I have developed an RPA script to update several fields on the UI. I have used click activity to perform several tasks. But one drawback is while script is running, i cannot perform any other work like checking my emails or clicking or typing, BOT just stops if i click somewhere else.

Already tried Simulate click. Please can someone suggest a suitable alternative.

I understand that you are working on the Dev server.
If the same BOT what you have developed will go to Prod server, then you wont be able to click anything, as there wont be access right.

Okay if you dont want the click then you can use the - Send Hot Key (select/indicate the particular button and Enter)

tried to use Hot key but application just stalls.
it pretty common problem, that when my bot is running i cannot click anywhere else.
I have heard this from many other users as well.


Try with Simulate click and Minimize the Application Window / Browser Tab. (That’s how I do)
You can do other stuff to some extent but for example, When Bot needs type into text area, Bot wont let you to do other stuff.

Thanks for your response. Even if i try to minimize the window and do my work. Once i click somewhere else BOT window pops up again. I am using IE.

The above solution is not sustainable.

Hello @ajagtap636 ,

Did you try the PiP feature (picture in Picture)
I believe exactly for this scenario the PiP wa sintroduced.

I hope it helps.


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