Subset of datarow cell

Hi :), I need help in creating a cell by combining strings from two other cells within the same data row.Uploading: example7.png…
eg I am trying to take the last two characters from A1 and the data from A2 and concatenating them and putting the result in A3.



Try this out, and let me know if you need further assistance. (30.5 KB)


@SenzoD , Hi Senzo, thank you for your response. I am getting the below error. example5

@Charmaine_Matsaudza Hi,

That’s strange, I just downloaded it again and tested it, works fine.

try this
close the project, Delete the project.json file and load it again, it will rebuild and restore dependencies. if that doesn’t work, just upload the .xaml file again, I will check it.

I had to first initialize myList like this, and now its working. Thank you so much for your help!! example6

MyList= new List(Of Object)

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Awesome, glad i could help. :smiley:

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