Subscription Expired in in Automatic activation and Manual activation



Dear team,

When I use the Trial Code to activate license, it showed the same error message “Subscription Expired” in Automatic activation and Manual activation.

I had try again after renew the license, but still showed “Subscription Expired”.
My Trial Code: 386700082364980916 .
My device ID: 8sldffCqOrId2qaFiPjB .
Please help to verify my code and provide the solution, thank you so much!!
Error screen:
Automatic activation


Either your trial license has expired or you are trying to use Community Edition after having used a trial code.

Steps to take:

See if you can activate offline instead

Search the forum for this error

If you think you have a valid license case then contact to reset the license information on your device.



Is your problem got resolved. I am also getting the same Activation Error. Please let me know the steps to resolve this issue