Submit your use case to earn a 50% discount on advanced certification voucher

Dear community fellows,

New year resolutions? Choose to be a self-learner and start upskilling your competence with UiPath Academy certification modules. The community team is here to support your automation journey by offering a 50% discount on an advanced certification voucher.

Here are the details you need to know about the certification program.

UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer is recommended for candidates with more than six months’ working experience in developing RPA solutions. The certification is recommended for advanced RPA roles like: RPA developers, solution architects, and RPA architects.

Here is how you can qualify for your reward:

  • Create and post at least one use case in the forum use case repository before 2022-01-30T23:00:00Z.

    You can submit it here.

  • The use case description should be practical, 100 – 400 words, and cover the UiPath suite

  • You must provide a TO-BE workflow for readers to better understand the use case scenario. Please refer to the sample template here.

  • Once your use case is approved, please complete your personal information here so that we can deliver your reward

  • One discount voucher per person and only the first 50 approved use cases will be rewarded

  • The use case should be in English

  • Rather than rejecting incomplete entries right away, we will try to approve most submitted use cases into the category and then leave our comments on how to make it applicable for a reward in case there is something missing. You will then have until the final deadline to edit your use case based on our remarks

Stay tuned. You will be provided with the voucher and next steps.

*If you have already completed the advanced certification, feel free to make a present to a friend

Contribute and start your RPA learning journey with us now!

Enjoy learning,
UiPath Community


Hi @Oana_Chicioroaga,

Thanks for the info :crossed_fingers:

Is this location specific or open to all ?


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Apart from some export control rules that we have to abide by as a company, it’s for everyone.


Hi @Oana_Chicioroaga,

Great initiative👌


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Great Initiative, Is this discount valid only for UiARD or Can we use this for UiRPA certification too…

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Hi @Oana_Chicioroaga ,

Thanks for providing the Upskilling Certification voucher program.


It’s for advanced certification only

Thank you for the update @Vibhor.Shrivastava

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Hi. I submitted my approved use case in the claim form. How much time it takes to receive certification voucher?

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You can expect these latest by end of next week


Submitted…:slight_smile: Thank you for this opportunity and Happy to contribute to the community.


Thanks @Vibhor.Shrivastava @Oana_Chicioroaga @loginerror for the opportunity and happy to support Uipath Community , I have received 50% discount voucher. Keep encouraging and keep growing.


Hello community fellows,

Thank you all for the amazing contribution! Our use case repository has been significantly enriched. We appreciate you for joining us in this learning and sharing campaign. Now we are closing it as the first 50 approved use cases are achieved!

If your use case was added after that deadline, you won’t qualify for voucher.
In any case, we do encourage you to share your knowledge and make your voice known.

Enjoy your learning journey and use the vouchers until May 2022.
If any questions, concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

All the best,
Community team


Mine got approved 4 days back but still didnt get voucher… can anyone help ??

Last date was 31st Jan’22 so it wont qualify for voucher.