Submission Query on Custom Activities - PowerUp Automation

Hi There,

I have been working on a custom activity for the submission. I was going through the submission details and realized that below 2 things are mandatory for the submission.

  1. Source Code with MIT License (I believe this refer to the visual studio solution)
  2. Step by Step Video Demo.

However since the actual thing that needs to be submitted is the custom activity(.nupkg file), how & where should that be shared? Just an attachment of the package will work? Looking for the best way to share it.

Also, is it required to also attach any kind of technical documentation for the package.?

Rammohan B.

Hey Rammohan,

For your custom activity, you’ll need to provide your source code as well as the NUPKG. Technical documentation would definitely be a plus! Just include everything with your submission on git(or wherever you’ve made your repository).