Submenu anchors (Notepad++)

Hi all,

I’m having trouble trying to capture clicks on submenus on Notepad++. Every time I try to capture a submenu, it asks for an anchor, but then clicking on any element results in a “action not captured” error.

Any ideas?

@dcotruta - To select a sub menu, e.g. ‘New’ under ‘File’, you need to press F2 key which introduces a delay in UiPath Studio to select the sub menus.

I have attached a sample file. Please check this. Hope it helps.

Notepad.xaml (7.9 KB)

Hi @dcotruta

What is your version of Studio? It seems to be working on 2019.2

I think one way to solve it was to just press Alt+F4 to close the Anchor popup message. I think the issue came from the fact that when you click on a menu item, it would ask for the Anchor and then fail because by clicking No in the anchor popup your mouse would be in a different spot than you wanted to click.