Sub-browser/window Fails to be Detected & Closed


I have a case here. There is a sub-browser (from IE) pop-up, what I need to do is just to close it by any mean, but the issue is,the robot could not locate the sub-browser every 1 out of 5 times. Around 20% failure rate.

Please refer bellow attachment for the screenshot of the sub-browser:

It is a quite simple sub-browser where I used attach window activity with Selector:


One thing I noticed about this sub-browser but I am not sure if this relates to the the cause of this issue. This sub-browser does not appear at a fixed position from the screen (meaning it did pop up at the center/top-right/top-left of the screen before)

Last thing is this sub-browser cannot be maximized, the Maximize button is grey-out so I cannot actually to maximize it then to close it which leads to more accurate result.

Any suggestion?



Use Attach Browser activity and indicate that pop up window. Inside this use one click activity and indicate that close option to close the window.