StudioX Unattended Robot Detected multiple Excel Processes Running

Hi everyone,

I have programmed an Unattended robot using StudioX and the UiPath Orchestrator.

The robot is activated at the scheduled time as expected. However, I am encountering an issue where the error message “Detected Multiple Excel Processes Running” occasionally appears, even when there are no Excel files open (you can see the Excel icon is not active from the image).

Although I can manually click the Yes button to proceed, this defeats the purpose of having an unattended robot. Is there a way to resolve this issue, such as disabling this checking function?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

Screenshot 2023-06-08 000041

Hi @Sean_Yung

The error message “Detected Multiple Excel Processes Running” occurs when UiPath detects multiple instances of Excel processes running, even if there are no visible Excel files open. This issue can be caused by various factors, such as hidden Excel processes running in the background or instances of Excel not properly closing.

Before running your robot, you can add a sequence of activities at the beginning of your workflow to terminate any Excel processes that may be running. This ensures a clean starting point and helps prevent conflicts with multiple Excel instances.

Use the “Kill Process” activity from the UiPath.System package to terminate any Excel processes. Provide “excel” as the process name to terminate all running instances of Excel. Make sure to place this activity before any other activities that interact with Excel.



Try these setting in excel process scope


Hi @Nitya1 ,

Thanks for your reply. I cannot find the “Kill Process” activity from my activities list. Is it because I’m using StudioX instead of Studio and it’s an exclusive function for Studio?


Screenshot 2023-06-08 004427

Hi @Anil_G ,

Thanks for your reply, I cannot find the options that you shown from the properties window, maybe it’s the setting for Studio only?



The options are not in use excel file

please enclose it in an excel process scope activity - this is where you will find the options

and if you need kill process click on the filter icon and select developer