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Where is option to ask question in this forum . I am not able to find.

Could you please make sure that:

  • your Excel package is up to date
  • you might also want to run the tool that should fix any issues with the Excel Plugin installation:

Hi Andrew,

This is a request regarding the ‘Microsoft Teams’ package. It has a feature to ‘create event’, but there are only 2 arguments in it and I am unable to understand where to specify the audience…etc in it. Can you please help?

Also it would be helpful if the ‘create meeting’ feature can be added to it or to the existing ‘send invite’ activity such that there can be option to send it as a ‘teams meeting’ instead of a regular invite. Please see if this is a feasible feature

Hi @vishalshekar45825

When you create a variable for the event, you will be able to assign values to it:


Hi @loginerror

I have updated myself with the ‘21.4.4’ version of Studio and after that tried ‘Repair MS Office’ as suggested by you. However, after I update the excel plugin, I get the error ‘For Each Row: Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ even though it has a table and rows of data in the table. Please help

Hi @loginerror,

I have a doubt. I have a published a package to my on-premise robot. Since I work individually I use an individual on-premise license. I no longer require some of these packages, how do I delete them from the list in display on the robot.

Hi I am getting problem in uipath. I am not able to select perticular element in Type into and Get Text. all appication gets select.I have downloaded stable version

I have installed anti virus and MS Office after that I am getting errors in Get Text, Type into,Open Application. I am not able to select particular element, whole window or app gets select.

Hi @Alin_Andronache ,

I have a certain process wherein after starting at a specific page, a button click will open a popup page and I need the automation to change its focus onto the new page.

I don’t know if there is a fix to this, because I use StudioX and I am not a coding expert, just a business user.

if there is a tutorial which can one such case where in the automation clicks a button, leading to a popup and then the automation changes focus to the new popup, please share the same.

If such a feature isn’t available in StudioX yet, it would be helfpul if it can be made available

Hi @Alin_Andronache ,

Is it ipossible to use RegEx using StudioX? I tried to use it using the StudiX profile, but I am unable to do so. If not existing, it would help immensely especially in the recruiter space where summarization and extraction of data from resumes can play a significant role and the team doesn’t have resources to hire a dedicated developer

If there is an existing tutorial which shows RegEx from a StudioX interface, please share the same.