StudioX SAP CRM cannot page down / search for word in webui when viewing an order

Hi, I’m using StudioX. I’m trying to find a word on a page in SAP CRM webui but the slide bar at the side is not selectable and pgdn doesn’t work. I’ve also tried ctrl+f as a keyboard shortcut but it’s not even bringing that up.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!


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Instead try with other combinations like

  1. pgdn
  2. ctrl+end
  3. ctrl+downarrow
  4. end

like this to get the page end

while using hot key make sure the region is selected properly so that the hot key is performed in the place where you want

Cheers @heidi.burnett

Thank you, I have tried but will try again.

Hi @heidi.burnett

In SAP CRM WebUI, finding a specific word or text within a page can sometimes be tricky if the page’s scrollbar isn’t selectable, and standard keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+F aren’t working. However, you can try the following steps in StudioX to search for text on the page:

  1. Use SAP CRM’s Built-in Search Functionality:

    • SAP CRM WebUI often has its own search functionality. Look for a search bar or search icon within the SAP CRM WebUI interface. You may be able to search for the word you’re looking for directly using this feature.
  2. Use UI Automation to Scroll Down:

    • If the page doesn’t allow you to interact with the scrollbar directly, you can use UiPath’s UI automation capabilities to scroll down. Create a StudioX workflow that simulates scrolling down using keystrokes or arrow keys. Use activities like “Send Hotkey” to send keystrokes like Down Arrow or Page Down.
  3. Use OCR to Search:

    • As a last resort, you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to capture the visible text on the page and then search for your desired word within the captured text. The “Click OCR Text” and “Type Into” activities in StudioX can be useful for this purpose.

Here’s a basic outline of how you can approach this in StudioX:

  1. Use the “Open Application” activity to open SAP CRM WebUI.
  2. Use a sequence of “Send Hotkey” activities to simulate scrolling down the page.
  3. Capture the visible text using OCR with the “Click OCR Text” activity.
  4. Use string manipulation activities like “Find Text Position” or “String Contains” to search for your desired word within the captured text.
  5. Perform actions based on whether the word is found or not.

Keep in mind that OCR-based text extraction may not be as accurate as native text extraction, so it’s best to use it as a last resort if other methods fail.

Remember to customize these steps based on your specific SAP CRM WebUI application and the layout of the page you’re working with.


Thank you Nitya,

  1. Use SAP CRM’s Built-in Search Functionality: - there is no functionality in CRM to search on the order page.

  2. Use UI Automation to Scroll Down: - I have tried extensively to get it to work with various hotkey combinations. Mouse scroll doesn’t work either

  3. Use OCR to Search: - I don’t have any options for OCR, at least not that I can use.

As such, I am now looking to use the ‘Personalize’ icon which will allow me to select the Attachments block on the page and move it to the top of the order screen. This is via a window as below…

This I think would be the preferred method as there are a number of orders that need to be changed and once moved and 'Save’d then the area will always be visible when the order is opened.

I can use the bot to open the window but if I do a ‘Click’ on the block for Attachments I get the following message:

“The indicated element does not belong to the target browser”

If I use 'Use Application: …" I get the same message when I try and add a ‘Click’ for the Attachments block.

If I use ‘Use Browser:…’ it opens another browser tab and hangs

Is there anything I can do to use the Personalization window? I’ve also tried ‘Get Active Window’ but I’m not sure what to use in it.

Thank you for your time, if I can get this running it would be really helpful.


thanks for the guidance