StudioX SAP Activities

Hello, could i get help please with StudioX SAP activities. Is there any documentation on how to use the SAP activities such as Logon and Login?

While using SAP logon activity, i tried to configure the Connection name but faced errors saying connection not found. Given a connection of Production (E1P), I’ve tried both “Production (E1P)”, “E1P” and various variations to no avail.

May I also check if Logon and Login should be used in conjunction. Logon first, then login? Thank you.

have a look here:

another valuable ressource the the SAP Course on Academy:

Thanks Peter, have checked out the documentation but that’s for SAP activities in UiPath Studio. I assume the same parameters are used in StudioX and have tried them but have been unable to get it to work.

Would anyone who has used SAP Logon activity on Studio X be able to share a screenshot of the parameter? Thanks in advance.