StudioX - Remove Duplicates Excel

Hi All,

Using StudioX to remove duplicates in an excel sheet.

There is an activity in Studio, but my bot was built on StudioX.

Have tried shortcut keys, but an error said that this activity can only be used on a web browser etc…

Any workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, we are currently working on porting this activity to StudioX should be available in future releases. As per your workaround have you tried to use the Use Application / Browser app card ( pointed towards the excel file )

Hi Dragos,

Will be great to see this in the following updates.

To give more context, I want to append an excel that the bot downloaded("[Line] Sheet 1", to a master excel sheet ("[Master]") and then remove duplicates in side the Master data excel.

I’ve added in the “Use Application/Browser”, but now my named excel (Master Data) cant be used, can you help me with that as well?

Thanks again


Sorry for the super late reply , we had to do some work for the upcoming releases and I neglected the forum a bit.

If you can could you please share your project :slight_smile: If not I would suggest doing something like this : split the appending and removing the duplicates into separate activities sequences ( also add a wait between them )

Also we are working on a remove duplicates activity and it should be available in the next community release :slight_smile:

Hi Dragos,

Thank you and no problem, will be great to see an improved version soon.

Will have a look at your example and report back asap.

Thanks again.