StudioX question on Excel sheet name

I’ve an Excel file with data filled up only in one sheet. The name of the sheet is “Opp State”. Since there are many people working on the Excel, people tend to change the name of the sheet rather frequently. Can I use wild characters to reference the sheet name like this [ExcelInput]Opp* ? This shows error though. How can you generalize the name of the sheet in StudioX program ?

Hello @Prinal_C

You cannot use wildcards on the Sheet name.

However, you shall get all the sheet names in a given excel file and you can check whether it matches(partially/wholly) the given sheet name. You can use various String Manipulation to achieve this.

Check the below thread on how to Get the Sheet names in the Excel file.

Hope this helps !



Can you try as the following?

First, put ForEachExcelSheet activity in UseExcelFile activity.

Then put If activity. Condition will be the following by Condition Builder.


Finally, write your process in Then section.


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