StudioX Provision

How to provision StudioX?

1.If password is not mentioned in 2019.10.x Orchestrator, how does it impact connecting users directly to production environment Orchestrator with Studio X license?
A:: Password is not needed for Studio X type Robot as it not a required field in Robot settings. Password is required only for Unattended and NonProduction Robot types, as the Robot needs to RDP into the machine using those credentials. Also displaying Password field even for Studio X Robot type is a discrepancy and has been fixed from 2020.4 version .

2. What is the best approach to connect Studio X Robots ; as all Orchestrator resources like Assets, queues show up on users machine StudioX for that tenancy? Users are not required to see all those Orchestrator resources. Should separate tenancy for Studio X  be created?

A:: If Studio X users are required to see the assets but not use them, then assets can be assigned to specific Robots; and only those Robots can fetch the value. Ensure to turn OFF Global value. If Global value is turned ON, then that value will be fetched by any Robot. Refer doc  for more information.

If Studio X users are not required to know that an asset exists at all, then a new tenant can be created for Studio X users.