StudioX - Move Outlook Email error

I’m working on StudioX. I want to move emails with Subject “Test Email” to an Outlook folder but getting an error.
I did the following:

  1. Selected Outlook resource
  2. Selected my own account name from dropdown
  3. Selected For Each email, for each Current email from Inbox, limited to 50 email. Unread email unchecked
  4. Added If Activity with Condition ‘Current Email’ contains ‘Test Email’ then Added Move Outlook Email activity, from Current Email to Inbox\MyTest folder. Else, Write line “No email found”.

It runs but throws an error “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object”. This error is shown at Move Outlook Email step.

Could you please specify the Mail package version from Manage Packages:



@flavius It is v1.9.5

can you post your workflow? i’m not able to reproduce your error even with your version of mail package

Attached is the picture of the use case. The use case, begins with Outlook Resource and then this flow kicks in. What’s wrong here and why do I get the Object Reference not set to an instance of an object error’ at Move Outlook Email step ? @studioX @flavius

does it work if you place a send email for example directly in the outlook card? comment the For Each activity. I just want to see if you can run successfully any other mail activity

@studioX - Yes, Send Email works fine. Email attachment downloads also works fine. But only Send Email does not work in this scenario

Are you sure you are using Mail 1.9.5 ?
This is how For Each Email should look in v1.9.5, and you are missing one of these filters:


@studioX … Thanks ! I did install and saved the package 1.9.5 . Closed UiPath. When I opened it again, it went back to 1.8.3. Why does this happen ? It happened with other packages also.

Which package version do you have by default when you create a new project?
On which studiox version are you running?

When you create a new project, can you upgrade to latest mail version without any errors?

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