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Hi everyone,
I would like to know it is possible to work with emails account in StudioX different from Microsoft Outlook. In particular, I am interested in IBMNotes Mail or Gmail. I know there are IBMNotes activities in studio and I am wondering if there exist something similar in StudioX.
Thank you all for your help

Adding support for GMail and other e-mail providers is in our short term roadmap.
As an workaround, there are two options currently available:

  1. Configure a new connection in Outlook to work with your GMail account and continue using Outlook activities
  2. Open the project in Studio, add the activities you want - GMail, Lotus, etc. - and then switch back in StudioX and continue you work.
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Do you have an idea when other e-mail providers will be supported in Studio X?
Anyway, I tried with the second option you suggested and it worked! Thank you

We plan to role out new e-mail providers in the next months, we are currently working on the User Experience which should be simpler in StudioX.

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