StudioX is here and is live in Community Preview

Excellent work :clap: trying right now


I just gave it a try and it looks way more different that studio, this is understandable because it’s designed for non-technical users or people who don’t have an idea of programming. I think it will be a good idea to have one person who is not familiar with these concepts and give it a try. I wonder if they will be able to do something. I think they will not but still, I would like to see what happens. If not, I think a guide on how to use it will be handy.


Seems an intersting addition. I would like to see some specific use cases around it as time goes on. At the moment I wonder how much use it is to Business Users already competent in excel.


Interesting. would like to see how non technical configuration works…awesome


Hello, yes i totally agree with you that we should test using a non technical user and now that the first version of this new product is out we need our community’s help and feedback to define our next iteration.


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Great new features again!

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


For a person who is not familiar with these concepts I recommend to start with these videos:

and also with the tutorials:

Great job guys!



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Hi @MirceaGrigore,

StudioX has the system requirements similar to studio. But in addition, it requires the Microsoft office to be installed. Why it so? Is this because of the export to excel functionality? In that case, Microsoft office has to be mentioned as prerequisite for studio as well as studio also holds this functionality.
Please provided more details on this.

Madhavi K


Hi @Madhavi - Studio does not have this requirement. StudioX does at the moment because there’s a default excel file created for each project. This is meant for managing and formatting data. We are looking into making this optional.


Hi @Madhavi,

In StudioX we removed the concept of “variables” and writing code, so when you have to do any type of data processing (like a substring for example), there are 2 solutions we thought about:

  1. We could add 100’s of activities (like substring, etc) that StudioX users would then use.

Possible, but we worry that for medium to high complexity tasks this becomes a bit too complex.

  1. We could use the StudioX’s users’ Excel know-how, and move data processing in Excel.

Our expectation is that StudioX users are proficient in Excel, and will be able to easily apply that knowledge in conjunction with StudioX.

So far, from the user tests we’ve done, (2) looks like the right assumption, but we know we have to start adding some basic data formatting activities soon for simple, one-off data transformations.

Think about more complex text transformations like getting the file name from a full path. That is something relatively easy to do in code, but in a no-code no-arrays world, how would you solve that? You can check out this tutorial for more insights:


Thank you @MirceaGrigore and @bogdanripa for the insight.
Got the answer to my query. :+1:

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@Madhavi Please let us know what you think about Scratchpad (Default Excel) versus more activities for data formatting. Which better suits your work and why?


Excellent StudioX !

Hello All,
captured all features available in Studiox, have a look it might be useful.


Hi @pradeepkintali,

Nice presentation…