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Can you lockdown Studio to only allow start up in StudioX mode. Seems it’s a little too easy to switch modes.

This is quite simple to achieve :slight_smile: In the future there will be the possibility to have a license code that would only allow the user to use StudioX. Right now on the standard community license we allow both Studio and StudioX .


Ok so for now as an enterprise license holder I can’t prevent switching?


Please reffer my post regarding Excel Addin Issue:-

Kindly Help.


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If users have access to Studio, they automatically have access to StudioX as well. Theother way around is not true (assuming they use a StudioX license)

Ah ok, there is actually a specific license type for StudioX. I’m still getting StudioX as a preview version although I’m using 2019.10.1. I assume its not released yet?

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Any response on this as yet? Am having a similar issue. Office 365. Thanks.


Please refer this.

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I have installed UIpath community version successfully, but when to run and sign in , the error displayed in browser:

Access localhost 's reqeust refused.

Not authorized, can’t view web page.


How to fix it ? Ask for help .

Hello @Zhang_Ge

I think this a restriction from the network which you are using. Hope you are using the office laptop and if that is the case you will have to check with the Ntw team or admin team to whitelist the url.