StudioX Installation - missing nuget package 'extended.wpf.toolkit.2.8.0'

Hi, Currently we perform a StudioX test with some users. The StudioX installations are standalone and not connected to our orchestrator.
I faced an issue on all clients with the StudioX installation when I opened a project on any of the clients. There was an error message regarding a missing nuget package ‘extended.wpf.toolkit.2.8.0’. I figured out that there was no ‘%USERPROFILE%.nuget\Packages’ folder on all of the clients. To solve this, I manually created the folders and placed the ‘extended.wpf.toolkit.2.8.0’ files into the packages folder (from my client where everything is working). This then solved the issue.

Unfortunately on one client this seems not to work. “As normal”, there was no ‘%USERPROFILE%.nuget\Packages’ folder. I placed everything manually, but in this case, this does not seem to help. During the opening process of a project I still get the message regarding the missing wpf package and as a result, no activities are available. It could be that there is an firewall issue with downloading the files, but I am wondering why manually placing the files works, except on this particular mentioned client. Do you have any ideas?

I was able to solve this via this tutorial: